Postpac has smart delivery solutions

Leveranslösningar över hela Europa

Customized delivery solutions with scale benefits

The delivery solution is the important “last mile” to the valuable and demanding consumer. The market’s distributors are growing, new products are being developed and competition is intensifying.

Postpac ensure that we always can offer the best delivery solutions. We helps you monitor the new suppliers and products that are being developed for a growing distance trade. We work closely with the distributors and together develop new solutions that are in demand by the market. Of course also internationally so our customers can grow with their business outside Sweden without any problems.

We know that transport and postage are major cost items for all distance traders. We therefore see the importance to always ensure that we have the most competitive alternatives available on the market. With many years of experience in distribution and with the help of our customers’ combined volumes, we negotiate the best transport and distribution conditions.

Buy your freight through Postpac – together we will be stronger!

Efficient, clear and profitable return handling

60% of all e-commerce customers return some of their purchases every year! Return handling is often time consuming and it is important that the process is organized simply and clearly. Postpac helps you develop efficient and clear return processes so that your customers can easily return an unwanted item and you can handle the return at the lowest possible cost. When returns come to the warehouse, each customer is provided the highest possible service by Postpac ensuring that the customer gets his return processed promptly and correctly. Multilingual and experienced return staff quickly arrange exchanges and repurchases directly in your business system and our coding of return causes gives us a very good statistics and decision basis. Returned goods that can be used directly, or which can be recovered at a reasonable cost, are quickly put into picking stock and become sellable.

Patrik Olsson is our freight expert and with his deep knowledge he helps you in the best way so that you always get the best delivery solution.